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Kevin Meagher, Senior Vice President, Business Development, ROC-Connect, 5/23/2016
The entry of Apple, Google and Amazon into the Internet of Things and smart home space created huge interest, particularly when Google paid $3 billion for Nest after four years trading. With Microsoft quietly building its presence in IoT, it seems the market is really starting to take off and analysts' multi-trillion-dollar growth forecasts are ...
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Alison Diana, Editor, 5/20/2016
When communication service providers and virtualization vendors arrive in Austin next week, they can expect a plethora of panels, presentations and products surrounding NFV and SDN.
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Mark Cummings, Ph.D., CTO, Orchestral Networks, 5/20/2016
At the NFV World Congress, the talk in the corridors was that the NFV industry was having hard times, and that it has hit a rocky patch. These rocks come from two sources: the silos of operational data and the lack of clear telco business cases. Together, they are creating a turning point in the inevitable transition to a cloud-based telco data center. ...
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Joe Stanganelli, Principal, Beacon Hill Law, 5/19/2016
Could virtualization be the Holy Grail (or, at least, one of them) for securing the New IP against a slew of old and new hazards? Increasingly, IT executives, engineers and pundits -- particularly those involved with telecommunications and the cloud -- think so.
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William Terdoslavich, Contributing Writer, Light Reading, 5/18/2016
Smart cities are built around a modern, high-capacity network, just as early settlers built towns around a major river or bay. But there is no single dynamic driving smart cities, a trend so young that service providers and urban areas are still exploring multiple approaches.
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Ariella Brown, technology writer, 5/17/2016
IoT brings great opportunities for both customer service improvements and data breaches. Organizations must find the balance between being secure and layered systems that users often find time-consuming and cumbersome. Voice biometrics is emerging as one approach that may resolve security worries without overloading users with complexities -- and some ...
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John Healy, GM, Software Defined Networking Division, Intel Corp., 5/16/2016
2016 will be an inflection point for SDN and NFV. In my conversations with customers and ecosystem partners, I see the momentum shifting from early adopters to an early majority of communication service providers.
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Alison Diana, Editor, 5/13/2016
As interest in and demand for virtualization continues to heat up, news surrounding the technology solution abounds.
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Elizabeth Miller Coyne, Managing Editor, 5/12/2016
CHICAGO -- International Telecoms Week (ITW) took the windy city by storm this week as global operators came together for what's billed as the largest conference and trade show aimed at the wholesale space.
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blet83280   Telecom Technician
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